External Wall Insulation

Prior to 1930 the majority of properties were constructed with solid walls and these properties can be insulated with external wall insulation dramatically reducing heat demand.

Solid wall insulation must adhere to building regulations and  achieve a U-value of 30 watts/m²k.

Insulating a property with external wall insulation can also alter the appearance and there are a number of finishes available including smooth, textured, painted, pebble dash or realistic brick slips. The finish will cover the whole of the outside of your property, including existing brickwork, and may change its appearance so planning permission may be required.

To insulate a solid wall from the outside, a layer of insulation material is fixed to the walls with mechanical fixings and adhesive and then covered with protective layers of render or cladding.
To prevent condensation, recessed areas around windows must be insulated as well as the walls – with the depth of insulation depending on the width of the window frame.

All external pipework and other fittings will have to be removed and replaced, and it may be necessary to extend window sills and even the roof overhang to protrude beyond the new layer. It is often possible to fit additional sills to avoid replacing any of the original structure.

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