Solar PV

Solar Photovoltaic panels (Solar PV)

Solar Photovoltaic panels (Solar PV) require only daylight (not sunlight) to generate electricity. The greater the intensity of light means the greater the flow of electricity, which therefore results in a greater energy import. Buildings with roofs with a due south elevation and a pitch of 30 degrees are the most effective in terms of energy production but most roofs can accommodate a solar PV system. Solar PV systems can be installed on both domestic and commercial properties. As well as roof mounted systems we also offer field installations for commercial customers.

By installing Solar PV to your residential or commercial property you will benefit immediately from reduced energy bills, receiving free energy throughout daylight hours. In addition, you will reduce your risk of ever increasing energy bills, get paid by the government via the Feed In Tariff for all electricity generated by your system – guaranteed for 20 years and index linked – and you will receive further income for any surplus electricity you send back to the national grid. Installing Solar PV to your domestic or commercial property will also reduce your carbon footprint and CO2 emissions.

At Real Time Install we specialise in design, installation and maintenance of photovoltaic systems for businesses and homeowners. We aim to deliver a perfect Solar PV solution giving you optimum returns on your investment.

By talking to you we carefully consider your energy requirements, potential installation site and initial investment to help translate your personal priorities into a practical and efficient PV energy system.