Under Floor Insulation

Older properties are likely to have suspended timber floors, these can be insulated by lifting the floorboards and laying mineral wool insulation supported by netting or ridged insulation boards cut and fitted between the joists. You do not have to insulate upstairs floors as they are above a heated space but if you have upstairs floors above a unheated space i.e a garage you should consider insulating these areas.

To establish if you have a suspended timber floor you can look in a basement or cellar in your house and you will probably see wooden joists and the underside of the floorboards. Alternatively if you have air bricks or ventilation bricks on the outside walls of your property that are below floor level you probably will have a suspended timber floor.

If you do have air bricks in your walls do not block them up as they are needed to help ventilate the space under your floor which stops the timber floor rotting.

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